The Other Side of Facebook

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We, the youth spends a significant amount of our day wasting away in front of our computer screens. It’s either a movie that has us occupied or an overdue assignment! And then there is Facebook. The social networking website that once helped us in reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. But in no time at all, it began helping parents in keeping tabs on their kids and grandparents in keeping tabs on their kids and grandkids. But then came the Privacy option, and all was well again. 

Sadly today, all that Facebook is used for is mindless gossip and endless stalking. Not to mention, it has been turned into a platform for insecure individuals to express and satisfy their insecurity.

Still, some people continue to use this network for all the right purposes. By uploading their work and making their mark, thus earning them new links and opportunities. Or by building broken bridges or widening their friend circle through a single click. And then there are people who reach out to discover an entirely new side of Facebook.

Our crowded news feeds make us forget that it’s not just our friend, families and celebrities who are linked to the Facebook world. And that’s it possible to chat with someone in Ireland at the exact speed of chatting with our next door neighbor. Not many people we know will happen to have friends in other countries or even in other cities. And I’m not talking about friends that they once knew before either of them moved to a separate location.

Facebook makes it possible to befriend people who live thousands of miles away. Living in separate continents and time zones. Belonging to different ethnicities, religions and perspectives. All in just one click. Have you ever had any friends that you have never met? Friends that are a part of your day to day life, yet it’s possible that you’ve never even heard their voice.

Being friends with someone who lives all the way across the world is amazing indeed. It enables you to see the world from their perspectives. Good or bad. It’s an opportunity to learn at every step. What their culture offers, what their languages translate to and how you and someone who is miles away can cross paths and make a difference in each other’s life. No matter how brief the encounter is. It also helps in defeating all the stereotypes of our time. And provides a chance to experience diversity.


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