Rings With a Twist! (Tutorial)

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Personalizing your wardrobe and your accessories is the latest and biggest trend of today! From pretty hair accessories to funky earrings and from crazy, fun bracelets to cool rings. Each and every piece of your wardrobe can be bent into unique and fun forms that are guaranteed to make you stand out. All you need are the proper tips and tricks. Some ribbons, some threads. A handful of pearls, a few beads maybe. Anything you desire can be turned into a piece of jewelry or accessory, one way or the other.

We’ll be sticking to personalizing rings today. Although simple and delicate rings haven’t lost their charm, big and fancy ones are the new eye-candy. Today I’ll be teaching you how to make your own rings! So if you are into bold and wild jewelry, this is just what you need. These rings are super easy and quick to make and they don’t even require practice or perfection. So let’s begin shall we?

Step 1:
Things you need:
1) Threads (any colors you want)
2) Scissor
3) Hot glue gun (UHU works just as well)
4) A simple ring
5) Pearls or beads (optional)

Step 2:
You’ll need 4 threads, each having a maximum length of 10 inches. It is preferred that you use 4, because going above or below that number will cause you some trouble. You can pick 2 colors, or go multicolored.

Step 3:
Arrange the 4 threads like they are in the photo and glue their edges to each other so that they don’t move.

Step 4:
Slowly start twisting the threads, making sure to keep the twists firm and even. If threads over lap, loosen them up and twist them again. NO glue is to be used in this process

Step 5:
Take a piece of stiff paper and put a small circle of glue on it. Now take the twisted threads and carefully place them on the glue as shown in the picture.

Step 6:
Keep on adding glue to the circle little by little, slowly making it bigger. And continue twisting the threads and pressing them down onto the pair. You might have to press down on your threads and wait for the glue to dry before adding more twists

 Continue gluing and twisting the threads to the paper. As soon as you reach the desired size of the circle, stop. Cut off the excess thread and glue the loose edge on the paper. Make sure that you tuck it properly so that it looks neat.

Step 7:
Add a pearl or bead in the centre if you desire.

Step 8:
Cut out this circle from the rest of the paper

Step 9:
Flip the circle and glue the ring to it. Make sure to hold it for a while and let the glue dry. 

 Step 10:

Add a piece of ribbon to make the hold firm. And be sure to paint the paper base afterwards. Remember, the neater, the better!

Step 11:
Leave the glue and paint to dry for an hour or so.
Your ring is now ready to be worn and to be showed off!

Be sure to experiment with different colors and sizes and create your own range of funky rings! Goodluck!


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