Saieen Tou Saieen!

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What is the most common thing on your Facebook news feeds lately? Have you noticed? I don't know about you, but everywhere I look, I see the phrase Saieen Tou Saieen!
On June 14th, a video titled Waderai Ka Beta was uploaded on one Ali Gul Pir’s channel. In less than a week, the video went viral throughout Pakistan. From being shared on everyone's Facebook walls, to being featured on several forums like "Ziada english na jhaar Eminem ki olaad". The video is a 3-minute comedy sketch that clearly and shamelessly focuses on the feudals of Sindh.
Ali Gul Pir is a SZABIST graduate who composed Waderi Ka Beta in under two hours! And his inspiration came from being a KESC victim. After coming up with the idea, he tried to get his creation featured through Television. But due to controversial reasons, he was turned down. Therefore, he chose Youtube as his medium, and after shooting the video with the help of his friends, it was uploaded on the 14th of June. 

Barely two weeks after it's release, the video and Ali Gul himself have become an internet sensation in Pakistan. The Youtube video and it's audio have been downloaded by many fans and the video itself has above 700,000 views and 500 Youtube likes. Not to mention, the video and it's creator have been featured in various articles and internet blogs.

And speaking of being featured. The particular phrase, Saieen Tou Saieen, which has been extracted from the viral song, can now be seen everywhere on Facebook. The thick mustaches, Sindhi Topi and the term Saieen have been linked to everything possible. From Angry Birds, to Pringles, to the Television drama Mera Saieen itself. Although some of the features were controversial, focusing particular public figures. Others are harmless and simple.   

 The down-to-earth artist was overwhelmed by the phenomenal response of his creation. Currently working in theaters and on Geo Television, Ali Gul has solid plans for his future. So, hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of him!


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