Secrets of Anger Management

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Anger is a perfectly natural response that can be found in human and even some non-human beings. It usually surfaces when things don’t seem to be going the way we have planned. Being frustrated, irritated and displeased may eventually result in anger.

Anger may also be a secondary response to depression or insecurity. Usually this emotion is left unattended to because it has the tendency to die down eventually. But if anger takes the form of full blown rage, and is not taken care of, it may result in the clouding of one’s judgment and irrational behavior. Extreme aftereffects may include depression, eating disorders, low self esteem, self injury etc.

Regardless of the nature of the frustration, it can never really be ripped away by the roots. There is always a pretty good chance that the issue would make a comeback, sooner or later. But there are a few harmless ways through which we can tone down our temper, just low enough to keep ourselves and others around us out of harm.

1)      The most basic and traditional way of relieving anger is to “Take a Deep Breath.” Yeah right. That almost never works because the minute anger takes over; breathing at regular intervals is the last thing that crosses one’s mind. In place of this, you can always punch a pillow or cushion.

2)      But if you insist on something healthy. You can always “Sleep Away” your frustration. Sometimes the rage can be similar to a volcano on the verge of eruption. Therefore, to take off the edge, a nap or a good night’s sleep can be sufficient to tone down the rage. Just enough to make you see things clearly and prevent you from making any harsh judgments.

3)      Good humor can dissolve anger faster than anything else. Humor is a fantastic weapon and also a gift. Even if it means just laughing. Some people find that just remembering a funny joke, or imagining themselves or the other person in a silly situation gets their mind away from the anger.

4)      Remember, your primary goal should always be to distract yourself. Writing it all down is one of the healthiest and creative way of letting out anger. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen and you’re good to go. Just start jotting down whatever pops into your mind. You can always throw away the paper afterwards. Or save it and read it later just for fun.

5)      Yelling, listening to loud music, cursing out loud, throwing things around are all natural and perfectly normal reactions to anger. And they are all acceptable as long as they don’t cause harm to ourselves or others around us. For example, if breaking things is your first instinct, try dialing it down a little. And instead of doing any real damage, tear up useless papers like old newspapers and magazines etc.

6)      Channeling rage into sports is both useful and healthy. But be sure never to hurt anyone in the field. And if you’re reluctant to get out, you can always channel anger through video games. Need For Speed, Counter Strike and other shoot-to-kill games are perfect to serve this purpose.

7)      Walking out of a heated argument is perfectly reasonable. Remove yourself from the situation that is triggering the anger so that you have space to gather your thoughts and calm down. Choose a happy place for yourself, either in your home, like the garden or a balcony. Or a nearby café or restaurant.

8)      Don’t hold on to grudges. If you have something against someone, confront them about it. Again, be calm and rational during it. No matter how unreasonable the other person is being, do NOT lose your cool. Holding in grudges can most definitely guarantee the comeback of past frustrations. Therefore, having a clear conscience is the secret.

9)      Concentrate more on the solution than the problem. The minute you sort out everything and determine the cause, sit down and think of a rational solution. You can always turn to a sensible family member or friends for advice.

10)   The easiest way to let out your anger is on a younger sibling. It’s in our nature to attack a defenseless and helpless being with our wrath. And although it seems like a very efficient way, it is the worst. Not just for the victim but for us.

Remember, anger is not necessarily a bad thing. But letting everyone know that you're angry is.


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