Street Fighter X Tekken – Review.

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- Haseeb-Ul-Haq

Capcom seems to love teaming up with other developers. They seem to love crossovers. Capcom has made a lot of crossovers in the past as well. Marvel vs. Capcom franchise or even Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. However, Street Fighter X Tekken is a bit different than the earlier crossovers, as the Tekken members are leaving their 3D arena for a 2D environment. With a lot of new modes and a variety of mechanics Street Fighter X Tekken has quite a lot to offer to those who love to play fighting games.

The two franchises have been evenly mixed in Street Fighter X Tekken. In this game each side is in control of two players and can swap them whenever they want to. However, when one fighter on a team is knocked out, that team loses the round. One can switch between their fighters in a lot of different ways. A lot of new additions have been introduced. Some of the new elements that have been added are new to both the franchises, i.e. Pandora mode and the Gem system.

Pandora mode is basically a move that you can pull off at the last possible moment; it provides you ten seconds to defeat your opponent. However, only one fighter from your team will be given, but you also have unlimited Cross Gauge as well. If both you and your opponent have low health, and it feels as if you’re on the losing side of the match then Pandora mode can be a quite helpful tactic. But of-course if your opponent is defending and successfully evading your attack then you might find yourself to be in quite a lot of trouble.

Ryu in Pandora Mode
Coming to the Gem system, personally, I believe that Gems are the biggest and quite frankly the best addition to Street Fighter X Tekken. There are two types of Gems.
  • Assist Gems and Boost Gems.
Gem System
Assist Gems give you additions like auto-cancels and auto-blocks, which automatically trigger at the cost of some of your Cross Gauge. However, some conditionally active gems will only kick in when using Pandora mode.The second type, Boost Gems give boosts to your defense, attack power and speed during the course of the match. They are only activated once certain conditions of the battle have been met, like blocking five times to activate your defense gem or performing five normal attacks to activate your attack boost gem.

All in all this is undoubtedly an excellent game. Being a fighting fan; I’m really impressed by this game. I absolutely love it, and highly recommend it to all those fighting fans out there.

The graphics, the action and the newly introduced modes takes the game to another level. Street Fighter X Tekken is an amazing fighting game that nails the basic fighting mechanics while taking a few risks with the formula. The flow of the tag mechanics and the fast paced combat truly takes Street Fighter X Tekken to the next level.


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