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-Rabiya Waheed 

As one walks into a shoe store, especially if it’s a girl, her eyes are dazzled by those sparkling, glittering, mouth wateringly beautiful shoes. From ballet flats to platforms and knee high boots to summery sandals, her feet beg her to try all of them. There are a variety of shoes available in stores providing just the right pair for every season and occasion. The design, embellishments, the details on every pair of shoe is unique and breathtakingly stunning. But sometimes it gets a bit difficult to choose your the ultimate pair of shoes; everyone gets a little confused while shopping for them. Here is a guide that will help you find and pick out
that perfect pair.

Ballet flats: Ballet flats are ideal for those people who love casual dressing and want to wear comfortable shoes to wear them with. Especially if you are a university student then ballet flats are ideal for daily wear or special occasions. You can match or wear them in contrast with your dress. As for the colors, neon colors are a BIG trend this season so you can literally try pinks, yellows, greens this summer.

Heels:  Heels are the perfect for any formal occasion, if you are going to party or attending a wedding then heels are your best friend. It adds grace to your walk and height. You can even wear heels to you office for a formal look. Although some people might feel heels highly uncomfortable, they should wear heels no longer then 3 inches. Try not to wear heels all the time and everywhere because a recent study showed that heels may cause damage to your feet. 

Strappy Sandals: If you are hitting the beach or catching up with some old friends over lunch, then sandals are way to go. This summer sandals are must haves for all the girls. You can choose over classic leather sandals to faux stone embellished sandals, the variety is just endless. Wearing sandals gives you a very relaxed, laidback yet fun look.

Boots:  As cold, chilly winter appears around the corner you might want to switch from sandals to boots. They are highly comfortable and keep your feet warm in those minus temperatures. They come in different materials like leather seude or even snake skin. Boots come in various forms, colors and lengths, from knee length  to ankle boots and from fur lined boots to peep toe boots, the list is just endless. You should go for a length that goes with your outfit.

Boat shoes: Now you must be wondering boat shoes are for guys but wait there are girls boat shoes out now in stores too and they are considered as this years BIG shoe trend! From bright blues to serious browns one can spot most celebrities wearing them these days. You can pair them with jeans, it looks fabulous!

Sneakers: Hey this one is for you tough girls! If you don’t really like wearing all these girly shoes and want 
something simple then converse are suitable for you. They give a edgy feel yet are highly comfortable and affordable. But try not to pair them with everything, they look good with a pair of jeans but try to consider flats if you are wearing a dress.

I hope you enjoyed and that this article will give you heaps of help for finding your perfect pair of shoes. But remember do what you like, you don’t have to follow what everyone does, that’s what exactly makes you beautiful and different from others.


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