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So as this end of exams marks the beginning of yet another scorching summer holidays we wonder how to spend all this sudden abundance of free time. Believe it or not, we all go through this whether its school we just got free from or universities. While some of us may be fortunate enough to escape the boredom of these routine-less days by travelling out of town or out of country for that matter, the rest us mere mortals have to resort to other means to entertain ourselves for the time we have in hand. So let’s have a look at some fun and productive ways to spend our summers!

1.      1.  Start Reading
If you are still reading this, it may be safe to say that you already might be a little bit of a reader yourself, so get to that ever growing pile of books you have put off reading until you had more time. Another interesting thing to do would be to try broadening your regular reading criteria. If you are more of a chick flick reader, try branching out into classics or self-improvement books. If you prefer encyclopedias then maybe you could also try biographies and vice versa. You may be surprised to find how many things can interest you!

2.       2. Develop Sporting Activities
Today’s gaming technology seems to have taken away the joy of street sport and the best thing to do this summer is to step out of the house and enjoy these great summer evenings by developing sporting hobbies. Our streets have been serving as playgrounds since as far back as I can remember and it has never been difficult to find play mates in these playgrounds. As for girls, you can always join a summer club and learn any sport at hand. Cricket, football, badminton, tennis, hockey and other as such are those that we have grown up playing, along with these you can always invent new games and give it your own name! I remember when my cousins and I invented ‘Chappal Hockey’ as children in our summer vacation. Two teams played this very innovative sport, each had one goal keeper who guarded the goals while the rest of the teams used slippers to hit the ball into the goal. This singular sport has given us tons of treasures of memories!
         3. Get some Weight Off your Shoulders
Some of us busy heads often let tasks and chores pile on for when we will later have time to perform them. So, now is your time! So, remember that broken shelf you have been meaning to fix all this time or delayed visiting an uncle of yours because you never had time? Go ahead and savor the opportunities that time now presents before you!

  4. Try Something New!
So, we get bored of things we do all the time. It is human nature right? Well another thing that is human nature is to learn something new. Remember thinking you wish you had time to do this or that for that matter? This is the perfect time to develop some new, interesting hobbies. Interested in art? Why not learn to sketch? Or, if your tummy keeps you up all night, you could try your hand in the kitchen! Sure, mum will scream at you if you leave the kitchen messy, but Hey, you could surprise her over dinner with your newly acquired culinary skills! You may think you’ve tried everything, but honestly, dig deeper and there will always be something that you haven’t tried yet. So look for something new and turn over a new leaf!

5.      5. Give your Room a Makeover!
Aren’t you tired of the same old look of your room that’s been there ever since you can remember? So change it! Try moving some furniture around, learn 'feng shui' rules, research any interesting concept and place things according to that concept or if this is too much work for you, then just plan some wall decoration that is made entirely by yourself. Now you have killed time, and personalized your own room! Now isn’t that a win-win situation?

6.      6. Spend time with Family
Here is the most important thing you can do this summer; that is, spend this extra time with your family. All year round we are busy in something or the other, submissions, assignments, meeting deadlines or God knows what else. What we ignore throughout the year is how our parents and other family members have a right to our time too. You may have no idea about how much of their lives you may be missing out on. So grab this chance and catch up on all those times you may have been absent!

I may go on and on about what you may do this summer but the basic point here is that this the time which you have to stop and smell the roses. It is the little things that matter. Take this time to do what you genuinely love to do! So dear friends, bask in this heat, grab hold of this fleeting time and say ‘Hello” to summers like a BOSS! They only come around once every year!


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