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Hello people of the World! So here is a huge warm welcome to all our readers, followers, fans or whatever it is that the masses are being tagged these days.
Today we are taking a little time out to welcome all our new readers and saying thank you to the ones who have stayed with ‘Current Blips’ for long! We appreciate the constant flow of visitors that we have seen and it is your encouragement that keeps us going.
Well, with this welcome we also intend to inform you of a few changes this site is going to take. So, we plan to provide you with all kinds of reading material. This is YOUR portal and it will provide what YOU want. We will report on fashion, food, sport, upcoming trends, stores, all this, along with leisure reading and giving you a piece of US.
So now is a great chance to ask for what you want in a blog. Since we love your constant support, we would also love to cater to your reading needs and ideas. So please send us your ideas and feedbacks in the comments section. We’d love to hear about what You want from us.
Also, stick around for the upcoming changes on your favorite blog brought about by our new members and writers on board and tell us how you like us new ones here! Hoping to hear from you all soon! It is all going to change, in a GREAT way!


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