Ice Age 4 : Continental Drift (Review)

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The fourth installment of the Ice Age franchise that hit the cinemas a week ago, features the prehistoric trio, Manny, Diego and Sid and their unique herd in yet another epic adventure. Along with the existing herd members, such as Ellie, Crash and Eddie and new additions such as teenage Peaches and her best friend Louis.

The movie as usual opens with Scrat on the endless hunt of his missing acorn. Which eventually leads him to trouble, only this time, he ends up causing a continental breakup throughout the ancient world. Meanwhile, our beloved characters are busy with their lives.

Sid's family surfaces after abandoning him only to takeoff again. Only this time, they abandon Sid's grandmother as well. On the other hand, Manny is trying to fulfill his responsibilities as a father towards his teenage daughter Peaches. His attempts are cut short when the continental breakup reaches their homeland. Which separate Manny, Diego and Sid from their families, leaving them stranded on a piece of ice, floating away from their home.

After fighting the currents and sea storms, the trio discover Sid's Granny asleep in a tree on the ice. And so their epic journey back home begins! The gang end up in the claws of a sea pirate, Captain Gut. But their endless determination gets them through all of it. The pirate crew consists of half a dozen fresh and unique characters, including the first mate Shira, a female Saber. Who instantly becomes Diego's love interest.

Meanwhile, Ellie leads all the animals to safer grounds, all the while, in fear of the shifting land.

With the help of each other, The Hyrax and the most active character throughout the movie, Granny, the gang defeats the Pirates, steals their ship, and set sail back home. Little do they know that Captain Gut and his mismatched crew are also on their way to seek revenge.

Our heroes get home to the battle of their lives. Where Gut and his crew have captured Manny's family. After an entertaining and epic fight, during which Granny's mystery pet Precious is finally revealed, peace is finally restored. And all the animals migrate to a safer location, the Hyrax Island!

Over all the movie is an absolute delight! The 3 lead characters especially Sid, are at their best and the new characters add more life to the installment. Little Louis is awarded the title of hero. And Granny's punchlines and jokes are something that one should be on the lookout for throughout the entire film.
The latest 3D technology used in the movie enhances a number of scenes and makes them a treat to watch! And not to mention, this installment stars the voices of big names like Jennifer Lopez, Drake, Nicky Minaj and Heather Morris. And an amazing soundtrack that also features The Wanted's single "Chasing The Sun".

The movie, just as always, ends with Scrat's unfinished business. So does that set off chances for another squeal? Let's hope so!!


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