Can Yahoo Axis Beat Mozilla Or Chrome?

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yahoo axis free downloadSome of my friends complain that I have been sponsored by Yahoo. Because of late I have been writing a lot about them. Guess what; let’s continue the trend and today there will be something nice about Yahoo. Now, last three articles to be frank, bashed the Yahoo for its subsequent follies. But today we will discuss about its new browser named AXIS.

Axis New Competition for Mozilla and Chrome

Now this seems like a pretty vague statement as Chrome and Firefox have the strangle hold as far as browsing devices are concerned. But now Yahoo has unveiled its Axis browser for iPhone and iPad.

The most striking feature it has that it provides you with the snapshot of the web pages in the search result. This is a very stark ling feature as far as desktop
PC’s are considered, this might work even for iPad’s as well, but the devices with the much smaller interfaces i.e. iPod touch will really work on it. It can be downloaded using this link.

Eliminating the “MIDDLE STEP”

Rafe Needleman of CNET came up with the observation that they want to eliminate the middle step as far as browsing is concerned. By “Middle Step” what they mean was the user can search for the query and directly go to the desired page for the required information. It is a very useful feature and they have to an extent achieved this by the snapshot feature, as discussed above by me.

Plug-ins and Extensions for Other Browsers

Now this is where Yahoo has become really smart, unlike Microsoft which has surprisingly been a bit conservative of late as far as other browsers are concerned. Yahoo has released the plug ins and extensions of other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. This is a really clever strategy on the part of Yahoo as it is not going an isolated way and is a much better strategy as compared to be a restrictive browser.

yahoo axis quick tour

How It Works

I downloaded the browser to have a look at the proceedings. I was presented with a typical and usual search bar as well as the list of the websites which have been bookmarked by me. The search bar has the trending topics on the various issues as well as the instant answer to your search results as soon as you type them.

What Axis will bring

Well as compared to the Google, it has definitely offered something new and exciting to the users, but it is yet to be seen that the browser will catch up with the other giants In this sector. Out and out a decent competitor for the IE, Mozilla and Chrome. Just a minor hitch is that Apple doesn't consent to a third party browser be converted into the default selection, connotation that all links in Mail, Messages and additional such apps would at a halt unfasten in Safari.


  1. All the 3 browser are awesomely work on his way.
    for the seo user mozilla is the best browser chrome also good.
    but i think yahoo can't axis beat mozilla or chrome.
    i know that yahoo uses around the world for the mail and for his basic works.
    but mozilla or chrome used daily.
    so i don't think so. so my answer is No.
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