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Lindsay Lohan: Young and Freckled

Do you keep in thoughts the periods when She Lohan was just a little red-headed woman in 'The Guardian Trap'? A lot of superstars weren't quite as stunning in the 90s as they are nowadays -- and some could take a place to take some design recommendations from their former selves!

Click through to analyze out some of the best, and most serious, design choices of superstars like Bieber Timberlake, He Gosling, and Christina Aguilera from when they were stuck in one of the most fashion-challenged decades in history.

 Ryan Gosling, Teenager Heartthrob

In all of the methods that Bieber Timberlake unsuccessful in the design division during the 90s, He Gosling increased. He was just as eye-catching then as he is nowadays, and it's no wonder he became such a large star!


In the beginning of Destiny's Kid, Beyoncé Knowles was just an up-and-coming younger musician with a good chance. Her design in the 90s was actually not too shabby; her locks was a bit out of management at periods, but her outfits choices were fairly exceptional! Well done, Sasha Fierce!

 Nicki Minaj: Au Naturale

Long before Nicki Minaj created her big crack in songs, she was a litttle woman clinging out at Coney Isle in a easy white-colored tshirt, absolutely totally exempt from over-the-top cosmetics, hairpieces, and bogus lashes. Who realized that Nicki could look so... normal?

 Justin Timberlake's Frosted 90s Hair

The 90s were the several decades of boy groups, and no one would know that quite as well as Bieber Timberlake. As one of the primary vocalists in 'N Synchronize, with his frosted guidelines and wavy mop of a hairstyle, Bieber was the perfect example of 90s design gone incorrect. Thank benefits he increased up, introduced eye-catching returning, and discovered a new stylist!

Taylor Swift: Little Princess

Born in 1989, Taylor Instant was just a little tike in the 90s! Here she is sporting an outfits that many little ladies know and love: a dancing tutu. She still looks like a queen today!


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