Fastest Way to Get 1000 visits Daily on New Blog

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new blog 1000 visitsSo now you have your blog ready and have invested good amount of money in hosting and domain, but you need to maintain some income to cover your expenses you first target should be to get atleast 1000 visits daily so that you can earn enough money to keep your website running.

I will show you how you can achieve 1000 visits daily but it is not as difficult as it used to be when you had to build thousands of links to target your keywords and rank well in SERP To get good amount of visits This is the time of  Social Media Presence and Authority building. What you need to do is focus yourself in building your profile online, lets see what is the fastest way to do that.



Everyone is a user of Facebook these days and Social Media Experts just love Facebook and its part of their daily routine to be active on it. What you need to do is add the giants, expert bloggers and SEO. I know not many of them will approve but their will be 20-30% who will accept your friend request try to introduce yourself to them and ask to write about them and their websites this way they will be a friend with you and will also share your post on their circle and you can't imagine how good start that can be for your blog. but you really need to be active and interact with lots of bloggers, even if you don't get good response don't give up.

There are always nice bloggers out there who help others in building their blogs but don't ever try to straightly ask them for a help it might make you look like a spammer. things like share this and like this page really irritates bloggers.


You need good followers on Twitter who really likes sharing stuff and being active rather than just  spam tweets and you need to become authority figure too in start its difficult to get followers so what you should do is search for people in your niche and then start following them a very good percentage of people will follow you back and after a week do a clear up of those who are not following you so you have good people in your circle.

Don't only share you stuff but share things which are popular in your industry. build good presence and then if someone retweets you. it can get you very good amount of visitors.

Guest Posting

Yes, the evergreen option which can give you lots. I am a big supporter of Guest Posting which is helpful to both the blog owners and guest posters as well. The trick to guest posting is that you make a list of top blogs in your niche and start sending them request to guest post on their blogs.

Not all will approve at instant you may need to show you past work so no hesitation for that anyways check list those blogs which approve your request then go through them properly before doing any guest post you need to make sure that your post also gets approved so be wise in making your first impression. it can give you lots of subscribers as well as traffic.

I hope you find something useful in the post. If you have something to add feel free to comment...!


  1. I think that's not enough to build 1000 visitors a day. As people in Facebook and Twitter gets tired of you after a certain period of time and this number gets flat. Some what to maintain 1000 visitors you also need to share your post on sites like reddit which will definitely generate a huge amount of traffic if your content is most genuine...

  2. Right, I agree with you but reddit is very bad social network for Internet marketers they even ban giants without any notification. And Matt Cutts himself does supports Social Networks and encourage people to build strong brand through it. For Facebook i know that if you keep interesting things coming it won't ever get flat..!

  3. TRY also facebook ads, its generates huge traffic.any thing hire 3 export from fiver to get quick result.



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