How Social Media is Taking Over Internet Search Results

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We all have been using Social Media from past 7-8 years, being really active on some and neglecting some but now these networks are so commonly used from IT Professionals, Lawyers, Journalist, Politician’s and Celebrities  it has became a very good medium for people to interact with their friends, fans and followers. There was a time when we used to differentiate between Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing but time has changed now, Social Media websites are Influencing or you can say has taken over the web search. There can be no SEO Strategy without including part of SEM to it. Let’s take a look why.

Google Penguin Update

google penguin update

Google Algorithm changes are very frequent in this era and they are making everything to make web safer, secure and spam free. The last update by Google known as Penguin Update has raised the priority of using Social Networks as
Linking back with Anchor text from too many websites is being considered as spam, there are not many ways to target your keywords the thing which we have learned in past 5 years it’s time that we forget that and focus on building good authority of your website through communicating with other people and influencing them with your content, and hope that they share your stuff via Social Buttons which are a must in every website today.


According to Twitter, earlier this year they said, Google Search changes are bad for Internet in which Google replied that Twitter has not yet renewed their agreement which shows the tweets as individual pages which was known as Google Real Time Search featuring real time tweets and status updates from Twitter and Facebook .Nonetheless, Google takes tweets really seriously, that being said for better ranking get many retweets as you can.

Google Plus

Google Plus a social network from Google launched a year back has been playing important role in Search Results. Every +1 or share you do affects people in your circles who are signed in with Google accounts on their web browsers. It can easily be explained in the picture below.

seo blogging tips

I am signed in with my official Google Account and Ubaid Rehman is in my circle even though I have not +1’d it but because he is in my circle the search is being affected this can benefit a lot if you get lots of +1 on your blog posts. The Shocking thing is that the blog is coming on top with SEOmoz and the exact search termed website below Mission Izhar.


Ever tried searching your name on Google? The first search is mostly Facebook because it’s the 2nd most visited website in the world which has a great reach in Search Results and you can easily target your keywords with your username and other Facebook pages, it is very easy to target your traffic and phrases. Getting lots of likes on your fan pages can get you lots of referral traffic from Facebook not directly targeting search but indirectly it can give your business a great boost.

facebook Ubaid

So give us +1 ;) and share your comments of how Social Media has affected your website.


  1. Social Media plays a huge part in Search Engine especially when researching someone's name. Facebook always have results, Same goes to twitter and other Social Media Accounts, Sharing of posts via social buttons as you mentioned in your blog post can increase the traffic of your website. Communicating to other users is an really an effective way to get more likes and shares of your website content. Eventually your website will have a position in Google Search Engine Page Results using social media. Smart thinking Raheel Mushtaq..

  2. Thank you jackson for the comment and yes, social buttons are must these days as everyone is very active on social networks these days ..! i increases your website's visibility and after Penguin its importance has raised..!

  3. Right. It seems like no one can live without posting a new status on Facebook, Twitter and even on Google plus! :)

  4. Pretty great post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wished to mention that I've really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I am hoping you write once more very soon!

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