Making Social Media Count for Your Business

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so the greatest difficulty you face when you start a business is that the right sort of marketing. Marketing includes not only selling your product but also interacting and communicating with all the stakeholders of the business. And this is where you can make social media count for your business; here are some of the things which you can do to start with:

Be Versatile and look for avenues

Well there is a common perception that there is only facebook, youtube and linkedin as far as communication is concerned. There are other forums as well namely linkedin, Pinterest, Google+ and a entire congregation of other forums that consent you to bond and correspond.

But there is a reason that these forum are that much popular. Lets have a look why:


Well it is more of an informal and to put it into more context, more friendly type of forum, you can tweet with maximum characters upto 140 which is like regular SMSing to your pals and friends. You can make an opinion, and if you have a suitable “fan following” can also create opinion.

It is very interactive in a sense that you can search for the people who share the same interests as you and then you can mingle up with them. And share and exchange ideas and thoughts about the prospective products and look for the customer feedback. MARKETING ANYONE.

youtube pictureYoutube

I think this has been the greatest service ever been created for the mankind, this is the platform where you can be innovative and can interact with the users and customers, you can run the preview of your products, ask the users to make their own review. There are also comments to help you out. This helps you in two manners, first the total views and comments will tell you about the overall penetration of your product, while on the other hand you can get the feedback about your products quite easily. BUT THERE IS A WORD OF CAUTION that always be professional and don’t ever upload a childish or amateurish video else you will be doomed for good.

Facebook marketingFacebook

Facebook allow you to say add more viewing power and approach back to conversation with no trouble – it's about companionship and relations.

You can also create a production page (or more than a few) on Facebook to contribute to what your dealing is doing candidly. A Facebook business page is a just what the doctor ordered to attach with customers, share criticism, act as a client overhaul doorway, make offer and divide up opinion.

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