Social Media on the Rise, Social Responsibility on the Decline

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For last some three or four days, I have been doing a lot of research on the tech stuff and new and the latest gadgets and the gizmos, but the thought sprung in my mind that being the part of the society, there should be some sort of check and balance as far as the interaction with the technology and the social media is concerned. Think of it, the new generation seems to be too much consumed with the Facebook that it has totally forgotten the habit of BOOK reading. Now I do not want to sound like a self moralist but if my memory recalls me correctly. The last book which I read was the autobiography of the sportsperson “Controversially Yours” which can hardly be imagined as something really socially adoptable.

Social Media rise downfall

Pakistan has already earned as reputation of the BAD BOYS of the internet as it is one the top ranked countries in the world as far as searching o explicit sites is concerned. This is a great eye opener for the nation which prides itself on the morality and religion. While one look at the international scenario and you can see that social media did become a sort of a headache for the governments around the globe. Now look at it, the revolution in the Egypt all started with the social media. Similarly all the rioters in the England where interacting with the social media to determine the place and the time of the disruption.

growth of social media

Thanks to Pakistani Media

Now it can be really easy for us to be a cynic and start criticizing the whole private media but one positive thing that is has brought in Pakistan is that it has to some extent diluted the feelings and the frustrations of the people. Even though it can improve as far as covering the social issues is concerned but still the step in the right direction is needed to be applauded.

Need of Unity in Nation

Now to a certain extent, Pakistan has been in transition state and things can be improved while making the full use of the social media, but their exists such a divide in Pakistani nation even in the minor issues that it will take SOME effort by an affluent leader to unite the nation.

Pakistani Leadership Using Social Networks

Well well well, as far as leadership goes, there seems to be a new trend as far as socialmedia in Pakistan is concerned that is now the political parties are using it to promote their political ideologies. Nothing is seriously wrong in it but the affectionate of each party quite bluntly hurl abuses at the leaders and the supporters of the other party in the group. Recently I faced quite a lot of heat in my other blog. When I wrote about a certain personality. So my message to all my readers is that.


What are your thoughts on Social Media Rise?


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