Top 10 Must Have Modules For Making Squidoo Lens

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In my previous post about Squidoo, I explained how you can make your Lens target the keywords but that alone is not enough to make you lens likeable and give you traffic you need to make a lens perfect and attractive so that the users likes it and share it with other. Except that you also need to provide good information to the users reading it, there are various modules you can choose from which makes your lens more interactive so users get to see the flow of information. You can add links to the text and images in modules to target your keywords as well as generate referral traffic. Anyways have a look at the 10 must have Modules for Squidoo Page.

making squidoo page

1. Text Module

This is the most basic and useful module you need for starting you lens. You must write the introduction in this module with a nice image (200*200 recommended size) you can also link to your website here through “a href” code. Another thing not many people know is that you can add Table of Contents to it which looks something like this.

Squidoo page contents
This adds links to the same page for you heading so the user can directly read what they like.

2. New Guestbook Comments

The name itself tells what it’s all about you needed to make your Lens more interactive right? Guestbook comments is best for that the readers can express what they feel about your lens. You can add catchy lines to it so readers participate to comments with every comment you can get more points. You should add this module after few sections so others can give a good review about the lens.

3. Big Arrow Link

Big Arrow link is really a Big Arrow where you can anchor text whatever you like and link it. This is best for getting referral traffic you should try to add your best page with nice anchor text so you get the maximum conversion through it.

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4. New Amazon

Want to earn money from Squidoo you can add this module and setup your affiliate links so every product that is bought you gets a commission for it and you can earn good money you can read Squidoo guidelines for more information on how to earn money. This modules lets you pick your own products or let it pick by searching through keyword.

5. Lens Like Widget.

like my lensThis module has a like button similar to Facebook Like button. It gives you a chance to remind the readers that they can Like the Lens. You should add it up near your best content where you think readers might stay so you get the best chance of them clicking on it.

6. Link List.

Want people to vote on your Social Media Submissions or just want them to read your stuff or something you like. Basically, you can add whatever links you like here. Try to feature atleast 5 links with a short description.

7. RSS Feed

Best chance to promote your blog and make your website index faster. Many people used to just add RSS Feeds to Squidoo pages and leave it but now that is not possible because Squidoo might lock you lens for being incomplete but still you can use RSS between some other modules. It looks kind of like Google Ads within your Lens you should allow 100 words Excerpt and feature 5 links for best customization.

8. Twitter Follow

Have a Twitter Account no one follows? Lets promote it through Squidoo lens; you can show a feed of your Twitter. Whatever you tweet shows up in your lens so that’s another great addition; you get followers as well as referral traffic.

9. Facebook Like Box

It’s just like a widget you place on your website to get more likes to your fan Page. You can also add it here to get more likes and this looks good too.

10. YouTube Video

Share the best video which represents your Page and has information so this also covers up more details which you might have left. If you further want to increase conversion you should make a video yourself, upload on YouTube, add link of your Squidoo page in description so you get reciprocal linking through Squidoo page and YouTube Video.

I hope you maximize your personal experience of using Squidoo Lens. There is a lot to explore and many other modules you can use.

Do you think any other module is worth to be added in list? Add your comments..!


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