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download sample proposal of website designYesterday some clients ask me to submit the website proposal for the design and development, how ever this is the professional way of doing work, Once you step in the business, When you are a freelancer you never need this, most of the time small clients are engaged orally, But when you settle down to start your business then there is no way to communicate with departments with out website design proposal.

So I ask my P.A to make one for the client, and my P.A is well acknowledged of the information about everything but literally he doesn't know any thing about the Website Proposal, and There I got to know many people online when engage a big company doesn't really know about the website proposal !.

So I will provide you a sample which you can change and tell you the guide lines as well that how you can write your own Website design Proposal.

Let's start with the Guide then we will provide you with the sample. I will tell you all the simple way of writing a proposal you can change it as you desire and make it lengthier and informative but remember client always want a short cut, so be simple and short that a client can easily read.

Outline of Content

You can write almost everything in this heading from your company working criteria to explaining your best services, then discussing about the project you and company working on, and tell them how are the best one to be eligible for this project, before finishing this provide some templates, and design only screen shots images and then finish up this heading saying that we can make for you and from the very sketches.

Company Profile

Then provide a Good Company Profile, the in which criteria you work, make it a list for example;

  1. we are expert in all CMS and can make a fresh new CMS as your requirement

  2. We make digital themes, and premium themes we can make new themes for you or you can select any themes on the internet.

  3. We have very skilled staff of 8 Developers and 6 Programmers, 5 designers, and many more.

  4. The best part you will get all in one package with us.

  5. We can develop any kind of application as you desire under the cost of simple applications.

  6. Our staff of promotion is very well known, by Tze, fiver and other market place we make them promote and they are proud of us.

  7. Provide details and proves of your saying by providing links.

Summary of Goals

Provide brief summary of the Goals you will do for company highlighting their main purpose of the website, and telling them how easily and sufficiently you can do this job you can also provide a big list on this.


It will specifically target the feature you are going to Give to the client, even the most common and already build feature rss count in this heading tell a single small point you are going to offer client.

Time Required

Tell client estimated time you require to complete the website, if you don't know the project yet, then you can tell client it will depend on the project.

Cost Estimate

Provide the estimated cost, to the client with every thing, remember with everything, even domain name and hosting count as well and separately  don't mix up things like web design & development, separate them like this web design cost then on the next line web development cost.

Standard Terms and Conditions

Briefly discuss you terms and conditions with the company that what you need and what will you provide and for what cost, include every thing who will pay for hosting what are the advance payment what are the schedule's and for suggestion and information what departments client can concern with.

So that how you can design your proposal but remember, be simple and be you'r own kind you can down load the sample which contain more information that is provided above.

Download the Sample.

Note:All the data and template used in this file is respect to term with their designers, we just use their images as provided on Google images.

You can Also contact us for a website, after reading the proposal above ;)

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