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Google Search Engine Guide factor of Ranking
So finally we are going to discuss all the factor's involved ranking you'r site, "All the Factor ?" :/ -- Yes We mean it ! we are going to reveal all the method's and factor involved that rank you, and we are going to provide you the full fit order, by following these Guide Line, You can do the best SEO of any site, giving him and out standing ranking in Google !

We were wondering to release this so waited guide once we make some good reputation, but why hide this valuable piece of information till then, so this is a gift for all of the contributor who provide full efforts to make this Mission - Successful !.

This is already a very brief article, covering every factor that is been noted by Google Search Engine, So we are going to shorten our word's and try explaining about the SE of Google, Before that a history is a must thing so please bear with the history, that can try make you more understand the concept of Google SE.

History of the Giant Google Search Engine

At the very begin the concept of search engine was a remarkable idea, although Yahoo!, was providing a search engine, but the process of functionality of Yahoo SE was way to different, than what search engine really stand's for. In the beginning Google was the very first Search engine to provide the concept of spider, That track down the new activity over the internet, and ping back with the index information of the site, the process was very weak and slow, but a very powerful process, for that process Google get his name in the oxford dictionary !.

Yahoo and other search site's never pay attention of what Google is really doing because they don't afraid, they were the giant's of that time ! They never taught What the power of search can do, Because there were things available on the internet but there were no, search engine to search them properly.

At the very beginning when search engine of Google Start getting popularity, All the competitor's start standing in its way, providing and claiming something better than Google, But already re-known Google gotten his mark on every one ! Hence, was the perfect time to play monopoly, Having all the website listed in the search engine, some one can easily bind people to use its own search engine, the most traffic giving search engine is the most used search engine of-course directly proportional !

After capturing all the market, people trust and making people think they are the best SEO, Google Brings it's Policies for the betterment of Search Result's breaking down every black hat technique's that were ignored in the past, Still there are way's of white hat techniques A seo can uplift the rank of the site, So we are Deeply Going to Discuss, the real factor, not talking on Presumptions, All the Factor's are greatly Experimented and gathered, hence revealing the main Monopoly of Google Search Engine !.

So are you ready to Un-Seal the So called Ranking Factor's of Google Search Engine ? there are some way's we will going to discuss which may be already known by you, but of-course we told you before we are going to discuss every factor and we will call them Seals !.

Seal number 1 - The Website Platform - Yes' It is noted by the GSE-(Google Search Engine)- At the very first What platform the site is using either a free platform or paid hosting ? is it a blogger or WordPress sub-domain blog or A personal Domain. So how we can measure what value it gives to these ? Let us tell you the value it give's.

If you have a Personal Paid Hosting (That can be also you'r own computer settle as a hosting server) - you will probably get the highest value, for you'r work.

If you are hosted on sub-domain of popular content content managing system blog site's - You are likely to get medium ranks in GSE.

If you are working on free hosting with free site, you will probably get the lowest value.

Disclaimer - We are talking about the whole ranking not about lifting 1 Keywords and showing that, the other free site's are on the top for the bla bla Domain.

Seal Number 2 - The CMS it uses - Yes, when you are a normal blogger or website holder, then that really do not matter, getting high on 4 , 5 keyword's are enough for a normal blogger, but if you are a competitor, and every keyword means alot for you, then you have to be very careful choosing you'r CMS - (Content Managing System), A simple Custom made CMS always Rank's high rather than using a very highly complicated CMS.

The more option's a CMS offer the more programming it need's, the more loading it need's hence, every millisecond is important when you are in the competition, ever seen and thought why Google uses so simple layout's ? just some simple text ? Cause the of the load time ! the another big proof is, when you try searching for something you rarely see yahoo and MSN listed for that things, because of their heavy layouts !.

Seal Number 3 - Load Speed - This is the factor that has been neglected by many many blogger's and SEO's the Speed of the website, How much time it takes to load the content ! GSE note that time and insert it into it's Database, hence when searched for the related term, if the entity and you't competition to other site's are close GSE start measuring you'r Load time, And if you'r millisecond late, you are mile's away from top 10 !.

Seal number 4 - Color Scheme - The another factor that can put you in danger, you can't even thought of, in 2008 I have website, which was ban by GSE, Upon asking the reason, and truly investigating the matter, it was revealed the GSE algorithm blocked me, because there was a back ground define is css and it's color is Dark grey same as my text color, followed by a big layer of white color, but GSE, calculated that I am using Grey text on grey Background ! thinking I am doing Spam. So it does matter like bold text, and italic have some especial value.

Seal Number 5 - Country - Yes GSE is country Specific, if you are growing you'r presence in UK it will list you high in UK but not in Canada or USA, The IP you use if it is marked as black list bu Google, then the Se will never give you the real value, of you'r hard work, be careful if you are not getting the return of you'r work, talk to Google immediately !.

Seal Number 6 - Google Familiarization - Yes Google index it's own product the most fastest, you if you are using the Google product than you are sure to get High in SE.

Seal Number 7 - Originality - When it comes to Originality, every thing original will be higher then other's even the images ! yes, the image detection technology of Google now, detect the similar image of the what you have provided with your article hence, it know's which one is indexed first ! so the most original is the most powerful content !.

Seal Number 8 - Proper Structure - You'r site should have a proper structure, a site map especially, because sometime GSE can't read the data you entered in the site, or in your article but if you have a proper Sitemap you are ready to Tell Google what to index.

Seal Number 9 - Meta description - It is the most Important part which is almost forgotten when you start you'r site, because it help Google to index pages or article in which it can read the body but the title with the meta description, make sure not the keyword stuff it, read further to know about keyword stuffing.

Seal number 10 - Bold and Italic and Hyphens - In you'r article the words that are bold and italic or under the hyphens' are taken as keywords by GSE, hence that doesn't means Google will index you top 10, let me clear the main Misunderstanding of many many SEO's, that by bold-ing they are telling Google about which keyword's to give value - No they are all wrong but the right concept is when you bold or italic something you are telling Google to calculate the value upon those word's for you, then Google initialize the algorithm and calculate the value of the keyword you provided, hence if it feel's the keyword is strong, it provide you a value, by which you can up-rank you'r site in Google SE.

The Example is Like if I am targeting a keyword Smartphone, in the article of Nokia n8 then if Google calculated a High value of smartphone - I will be rank high on Nokia N8 and Smartphone !.

Seal number 11 - Keyword Density - The density mean's how much you are defining the keyword in you'r own site, like in linking the keyword to different and fresh pages, can achieve the keyword density but make sure not to over do anything.

Seal number 12 - Domain name and topic you are working - GSE give a higher value in which the targeted keyword is in the domain name of the Site.

Seal number 13 - Copyright, Privacy policies - Google give's higher value to those site, that are Completely Copyright and strict to their Privacy policies, How the heck A machine can measure about this ? -- yes We know you'r mind is getting red, calm down  first if you carry these pages you are lucky to get value, now if you are follow the guide line's by webmaster's of Google then you are more lucky, and if you have some user's that are working according to the site pattern than you are surely to be measure as a respected site in Google SE.

seal number 14 - bounce Rate - It is very essential that if user's are coming and flying away from you'r site, than Google will now value you, despite if you follow all the above instruction ! Provide something than can stick a user for sometime.

Seal number 15 - Page view's - The page view's should have to be double of visitor's to be a known site in Google SE.

seal number 16 - Domain name Age - The age of Domain is also counted when giving the rank the more older the domain is the more trusted it becomes !.

Seal Number 17 - Brand - The Bran is the only way to get ranked high instantly in the blinks of 3, 4 day's yes, buying a you tube channel, uplaoding 10 to 15 videos, displaying a professional looking fb page with 1k likes, twitter account with 1k follower's discussing about the brand, a nice set of photo's uploaded to pinterest, with some paid subscription to other internet Social media site's, can instantly Grow you'r presence in Google SE especially Google adwords.

Explanation - Once you start investing and buying subscription for you'r brand or website, with Google and other re-known Social Media Site's, Google really Value them a Link from them Is just like personally treated by GSE, and given you a very special value. Ask you'r self how Huff got's known in so less of the time ?

Seal number 18 - Social Freak - If you are a social freak and every body recommending you, then you are trusty and worthy to show on top 10 rankings.

Seal number 19 - Living Site - A living site is the site, where people usually come and participate in activities like comment and guest blogging, the site with this kind of specific behavior show's some natural link building, hence providing it almost 20% chances to get known high.

Seal number 20 - Back links and Pr - yes, who says pr is not important ? Page rank is still very much useful, and having backlinks from some very good pr site's can improve you'r PR and it means you are building Trust in GSE.

Seal Number 21 - Balance - There should be balance in every thing you do, like don't just upload pictures for backlinks provide some anchor text as well, don't just stick to on page or off page try do both of them.

Seal number 22 - Keyword Stuffing - The stuffing should be avoided, it really hurt's the GSE, don't use the same keyword's and link it to the same page again and again, one link and one Keyword is enough to command GSE to measure the value.

Seal number 23 - Img Alt attribute - how many of us forget to provide Alt attribute of the image, if we don't provide GSE usually Ignore it, yes it ignores the image that has no ALT attribute and never provide it a rank !.

Seal number 24 - The book is sold always for his cover ! - Never purchase the book by looking at it's cover, yes that's true but why we are advised because 90% of us do mistake and buy the thing by just looking at the cover, so as the Search engine it first look the cover page if you build it nicely the home page with proper navigation, and links with proper alt attribute images, plus rss and sitemaps than you are good to half done !.

seal number 25 - Social Bookmarking - Who says that is now not a part of SEO, yes it is ! Google is a bot not a human that is measuring, by using some popular Social bookmarking site, you can always get a good link list and Click through rate.

seal number 26 - Click Though Rate - The unknown factor till I am revealing it, It doesn't matter by which site, you are getting traffic, but if the anchor text smart phone is point to you'r site, and it is giving you around 1000 visitors, you are now Counted very high at the keyword Smart Phone by GSE, believe it and try it !.

Seal number 27 - Timing - the timing is far more important if you produce the news, before any one else can, you are likely to get hit more valued more for the keyword's you used in the article even if you'r article got removed from top 10.

Seal number 28 - Titles - Titles that are defined with h1 tag of css are most important defining you'r title properly is the most important part, please do not try using just keywords in you'r title, use a proper relevant title that really summarize the article for the keywords bold them in article title is not for describing keywords.

Seal number 29 - Question answer - The more you participate, the more Google Look for you, if you'r website is listed among the most answerable and best answered, you are going to get the value best among all.

Seal number 30 final - Even .1 Mark Is Required - In the past SEO's are not competitive, so the best is always named best, like in the class room if a guy get's 90 mark's and everyone else get only 20 marks so he doesn't really care even if he got 50 he is still the top position-er, but now the scenario is greatly changed every body is getting 90 marks so if you miss even .1 marks you are way behind even for top 100 !.

Be-careful and unseal all the above factor's to get listed the top most in Google yes, I know you are saying that is too much for the individual ! and probably you are right, that is too much for the individual, but that's really the factor someone has to follow to get on the number one or else, you can simply buy the ad-word Program !.

In-short if you want to get high ranked in Search engine's ( ALL search engines') then please don't rely on them, try building you'r brand direct traffic, then all the search engine start respecting you, giving you value, even if you break several guide lines, and that's true.

And please keep it in mind we discuss the factor for which Google SE give you the value if you want to learn SEO kindly Review Our SEO Guide or If you want to know more about Keywords then review our Keywords Guide, if you want to learn about back link kindly review back link strategies.

I think You understand what I told you even if you have question's regarding that, kindly leave you'r comments.


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